2018 Speakers

Speaker Information

Main Stage EMCEE

Rachel Bies

CP, Whole Foods Chef & Holistic Nutritionist
Rachel’s love of food happened early on, as soon as she stepped into the kitchen as a small child. Learning at the hands of her mother (French Canadian) and her father (Dutch), food was always a big deal in their home.
With a degree in Applied Nutrition (Hons) and years of cooking, Rachel has fused this into a successful business that highlights the importance of eating well-executed and real food.
Highlights include: Global Morning, CBC: The Fifth Estate, Wellness and Health Expert for National Publications and working with great people of Toronto. Her passion projects include working with Toronto, Montreal & West Coast chefs to highlight the importance of local LOVE, Nutrition within Travel, Wellness in the Hospitality Industry and Supporting your Community.

10:45am - 11:15am
Make your home Net-Zero in Five Years: A Road Map
Speaker: Sheena Sharp, Coolearth Architecture
Homes in the GTA use a substantial amount of energy to heat in winter and cool in summer. They are also often chilly or overheat. The carbon emissions from running a home can amount to a lot of emissions per capita. Retrofitting existing homes can make them more comfortable, lower heating/cooling demands, and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions, while renewable energy can provide electricity to batteries or back into the grid for an already-built home to achieve Net-zero performance.

Because of the complex nature and fixed capital costs, we believe a multi-year road map for households to become Net-zero is important. This road map allows homeowners to set themselves on a path to Net-zero and sustainability. In this talk we will share how attendees can start on the path to net-zero.
11:30am - 12:00pm
From Hollywood to Holistic: Reclaiming Health Through Better Alignment With Holistic and Green Living
Speaker: Kim D'eon, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
Holistic Nutritionist, real food media advocate and TV personality Kim D’Eon, talks about how she transitioned from her glamorous life as an entertainment reporter on national TV to her grounded mission to educate and inspire others to eat and live better. In this entertaining and enlightening talk, Kim draws on her personal story to share concrete examples of how various stressors impact the body including: chronic digestive disorders, painful inflammation and debilitating fatigue as well as constant worry and negativity. She offers plenty of realistic holistic advice on everyday choices that can help improve health and wellbeing
12:15pm - 1:00pm
StartUp Barrie: Giving 'Power' Back To The Consumer
Moderator: David Bowden P. Eng, MBA, Senior Business Advisor, MaRS Discovery District Clean Tech
Panelists: Bob Atkinson - President of MPOWER Energy Solutions | Gimmy Chu - CEO, Nanoleaf | Jonathan Frank - Director of Projects, CoPower